Indonesia Leader In Reef Aquarium

Java reef has been established since 2015, starting from humble location we started in Pasar Ikan Hias, Cengkareng. We are the first shop in cengkareng that actually started this marine business and the first ever to introuduce marine products like skimmer, aditif and vitamin for coral and fishies growth and vitality in cengkareng area.

In 2017 we have moved to Ruko CBD blok L no 6, Green Lake City. Since then we have transformed to a full retail both products (dry goods) and invert (fish and coral) and becoming an authorized dealer to world wide brand like Skimz, Aquapharm, Nemo Light, kessil, Dupla marine, Eshopps, Colombo, Caribsea and many other.

Now in 2019, our target is to continue being the most complete shop not only in marine but also freshwater. Boasting with more than 1000 variety of products like pump, protein skimmer, aditif, bacteria house, vitamin, lights and aquarium , We believe that we understand what our customer really want in their tank starting from affordable pricing up to premium tank system.

What do you expect in our set-up services

  1. Free Site visit (jabodetabek area) for free consulting.
  2. Quotation of tank prices and design (whenever needed)
  3. Deposit payment
  4. 30 days pre-order period for custom tank range from 0 – 250 CM size in length & 40 days for 250 cm and above
  5. Set up and installation tank
  6. Payment

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be the biggest aquarium provider in indonesia not only to regular size tank but also public display tank. We have now focusing on our acrylic display tank that would suit public area tank like in office and also other public area.

Our vision is to be the leader in reef and fresh water aquarium and be able to bring more variety of products from the rest of the world.